Bring Upside to your City

Upside is committed to providing high quality basketball development to as many players and coaches as possible. To achieve this goal, Upside will travel to your city, or town, to run a camp, clinic, or session.

Why travel to you?
Basketball is a great game that is played in large cities to rural communities. All youth deserve the opportunity to learn the game from instructors who can make an immediate impact on their games. I grew up in a small town with limited availability to the opportunities Upside provides now. The thought that the next generation of players in communities with limited options, will again miss out, is personal to me.

Why Upside?
Bringing Upside in to run an event is going to have an immediate impact on the overall skill level of your program and all players who attend.  Maybe I’m a little bias but there is some things we do different from anyone else.  When Upside comes we take time to train local coaches in our development techniques, advanced basketball concepts, new drills to fit their system, and continued communication to provide more development and support to players and teams.  Upside also caps enrollment in camps to no more than 15 players per coach.  This provides ample opportunity to connect with players, provide quality instruction, allow local coaches an opportunity to apply Upside Athletics skills in a live situations, and the ability to break into smaller groups.

What does an Upside Athletic’s camp look like?
In short, they’re challenging and fun.  We will push players to improve physically while also teaching skill sets and when to use them.  The foundation is form, footwork, and fundamentals.  From there we teach, and develop, more advanced skill sets with creative drills used by college and pro players.  We also use drills and controlled scrimmages to develop a competitive mindset while increasing basketball IQ.

How to schedule Upside?
It’s Easy.  Contact us at to get started.  Upside Athletics is based in Denver, Colorado.  We are willing to travel and available year round.  However, we cannot be in multiple places at once so contact us today!

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