Kalispell Basketball Camps | July 2017

Upside Athletics believes that in order for athletes to reach their upside potential, they need to work on individual skills while also learning their game. Upside develops players’ physical & mental skills by focusing on the detailed fundamentals in a structured environment.

Upside Basketball Camp for Elementary and Middle School

About the Camp
Upside, at its core, is about teaching the game of basketball.  When developing young players it is very important that there is a balance between reps, demonstration, and education.  It is one thing to do a skill, or move, and another to understand it.  Players will walk away from an Upside camp with a better understanding of the game and how they can continue to improve.

Skills taught in Camp

Shooting form footwork – catch and shoot, of the dribble, quicker release

Finishing at the rim – with contact and control, counter moves

Ball handling – emphasizing footwork, applying it to game situations

Competitive mindset – teamwork, communication, and applying skills

And much more!  All the knowledge of a professional large camp, but with the personal attention of a small setting.

Upside also addresses the lessons taught through sports: hard work, determination, teamwork, communication, and success.  These lessons extend far beyond the court, into school and home life, and will be emphasized throughout the camp.

July 17th – July 19th 2017
Open to both Girls & Boys
3rd – 8th Grade

Middle School Session is 1PM-4:30PM

GYM: Stillwater Christian School

Middle School Camp Session rate is $100 per athlete
T-Shirt Included

Upside Basketball Camp for High School

About the Camp
At the Upside Advanced High School Camp, we offer a hands-on approach to teaching the game.  We review and demonstrate a select number of skills to a limited number of athletes. The skills that will be taught fit into each player’s game and maximize their overall ability.  Enrollment is limited, so take advantage by signing up TODAY!

Skills taught in Camp

  •   Different ways to finish at the rim with contact and counter moves
  •   Attacking the defense in transition with 3 dribbles
  •   Interior dominance through strong post moves and hook shots
  •   Shooting footwork and creating your shot
  •   Advanced ball handling using tennis balls
  •   A competitive mindset with challenging drills

… and many more skills, that pros use, so athletes can reach their upside potential.  Don’t miss the chance to take your game to the next level.

July 17th – July 19th 2017
Open to both Girls & Boys

High School Session is 8:30AM-12PM

GYM: Stillwater Christian School

Space still available for this Limited Class.  Register now to save a spot in this Advanced Camp.

High School Camp rate is $125
T-Shirt Included

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