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Upside Athletics believes that in order for athletes to reach their upside potential, they need to work on individual skills while also learning their game. Upside develops players’ physical & mental skills by focusing on the detailed fundamentals in a structured environment. There is nothing wrong with playing games to get better as a player. Although, there is such a thing as too many games where poor fundamentals and bad habits are ingrained into a player’s ability. At Upside Athletics, we prepare players to play by developing a strong skill set while also increasing a players understanding of the game. It is one thing to know how to do a skill and another to know when to use it.
Prepare to play; prepare to perform at your highest ability.

Upside Services

Camps & Clinics

Great for getting a lot of reps on fundamental skills in a structured environment. Upside offers advanced clinics for players who need it depending on interest.

Position Development Classes

By using targeted drills for each position, Upside will get your skill set ready to use in games. We will develop sport IQ by teaching the game and position. Class enrollment is smaller than clinics.

Private/Semi-Private Lessons

Develop your skills for the next level by having lessons to target specific skills you need to get better. Train by yourself or bring a teammate. Prepare to play; prepare to perform at your highest ability.

Film Sessions

Breakdown your game with an Upside Coach and learn how to be successful in game action by learning from video.

Bring Upside to your City!

Upside is committed to providing high quality basketball development to as many players and coaches as possible. To achieve this goal, Upside will travel to your city, or town, to run a camp, clinic, or session.


John Nonemacher

Upside Athletics Director

Our Principles

The majority of the game is footwork. Shooting, dribbling, rebounding, defense, passing, all have their start in proper footwork.

We believe that the player who initiates contact controls the action. Don't avoid contact, want it and use it.

Often preached, rarely taught. Train to execute a skill in a game and not just to look good.

Players who believe and understand in their skills, play harder. We use stress drills to empower players to compete at their best.

Work Ethic
Enjoy the process of development, because that is where most of your time is spent. Work ethic is a skill.

Read what others are saying about Upside!

I would recommend Upside Athletics to any athlete wanting to get more out of their practices and needing help gaining the knowledge, skill set and push to be more confidence towards playing at the next level.

Marilyn Shoemake

Denver, CO

My boys have learned so much from John! He has really helped them to develop as basketball players. John’s approach to coaching and working with kids is so positive, that the kids want to work hard. The growth in their skills is impressive.

Jenny Morehouse

Eugene, OR

Coach John is a very knowledgeable basketball coach, an excellent teacher, and is concerned about the development of his players, both on and off the court. I recommend his program completely.

Stan Swank

Eugene, OR

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